Operating system MIIOS (Memory, Interrupt and Input/Otput system).

He was 20 years in a drawer. It was written for 80386 in protected mode. But those times have not changed so much, if you think about MMX, multiprocessors and other conveniences that save the multimedia world. But cache, 5-step pipeling, integrated PCI, floating-point instructions, and other enhancements. The function of the system was not replacement of any operating system for the PC, but just the automation brain, respectively. its support. It's worked in an assembler, in that beautiful and simple platform. Thank you for yours the simplicity with which we get into the incredibly short intervals of the measurement cycle, the decision making and the adjustment of the outputs, while communicating with the environment.

The system takes advantage of all the benefits of Intel's processor, particularly the perfect management of memory segments, a flexible interrupt system and also the processing speed of the instructions. What does CPU work (especially multi - tasking system), we have dropped. The secretary can wait half a second before the task switches to her (he will wait for more fewer than it will be rendered in Windows) but the measurement cycle does not wait. This does not mean it can not be used in memory more tasks, only the communication between them and the kernel is considerably brighter. Multitasking is a simple support for us of the various services running in the background.

All for 80K of memory.